Friday, January 16, 2009

Maahad Transportation


We stress the importance of praying together ( congregation) . We try to drive the kids to perform The daily prayers ( 5 times prayers) in the nearby mosque ‘Surau Al hussieniyah” or "Masjid Ittihadiah".

However, we cannot take all the kids due to our transportation problem. For now, we use a personal van (belongs to ustaz azhari). Those who cannot make this trip will have to stay behind and perform the jemaah prayer at our Maahad.

This is the transport that we meant. Other times, we hired a school bus and its quite costly.

Due to the lack of seats, the back seats are taken out so that the kids could sit on the floor and cater more students. The distance from our Maahad to the mosque can be referred to the map Wikipedia in our earlier post.

Though our transportation is a problem, we still consider it as a minor one. The one we have is old but this is not really a priority at the moment. The plan we have in our development fund is to purchase the land - this is our long term and immediate plan.Having said that, we are grateful and thankful if anyone would like to share their spare and unused car and donate it to us. We will definitely make full use for the benefits of our kids here. We have no other intention but to instill the value and meaning of mosques at an early age.

p/s: This picture is taken while the porch hasn’t been renovated to build our new office ( mentioned in the earlier post)

Renovation Progress


The front wakaf is nearing completion- 90%. Hopefully, this wakaf not only will be used for the students to study, but also a resting area and a reception area for visitors- InsyaLLAH. A toilet is built next to it for the use of our visitors to avoid disturbance during lessons and uneasy feelings for our muslimah in the house.
Alhamdullilah, this wakaf is from the money donated by muslims. May ALLAH reward them.

The back wakaf is 80 % completed. a worker is cutting the trusses and those planks/woods that cannot be used have been demolished for the students’ safety and convenience.

This picture here is the back wakaf. The floor is completed but the fence is yet to be done.
The porch was converted into an office. This is for better administration and management and as of now, everything is piled up in bags and placed near the walls. “out of bound” area is also placed for safety and secrecy reasons. Hopefully later all those documents can be stored properluy into this new office insyaALLAH.

Side view of our office. From here you can see the entrance and another entrance next to the gate.

The kitchen is still under construction. Sadly, in this visit ( near Magrib time), everything was quite dark because there were no lights and no pictures to show you this time.

AN insert- a neigbour from across the road ( The Orpange JASA)
During our opening ceremony, they came to celebrate with us. The kids wearing maroon attire (in our earlier post) were these orphans.(Click here)
Eight (8) of them are currently our students and they come for our night classes. Hopefully , these two organizations will gather support from muslims all over the world.
We pray to all Muslims in Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Pattani and where ever you may be will be given the strength from ALLAH to overcome our enemies. Victory for Islam!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Solat Hafiz


Among our program or method organized/run in this Maahad is hafazan ( memorization) in solat or solat hafiz.The video below was taken in December 2008 at our old location before we moved to our new location at Jalan Taliapi .Please be reminded that the video is not at its best quality since it was taken using digital camera and not a video recorder.

(If the video cannot be accessed, please click on the second video. )

Your cooperation and help are kindly appreciated and needed in making this Maahad a success for the Muslim community and unity. We pray and hope that ALLAH will make it easy for us to continue our effort in producing more huffaz in the future. May ALLAH bless this effort.

Boycot Jewish Product Campaign


We stand firm and strong and in full support with other Muslims around the world in this campaign . Let the Muslim economy and money circulate among Muslim. Look at the products below. Make sure we put our best effort NOT TO BUY these products and DO NOT let our money pay for the bullets that killed and will continue to kill our Muslim Brothers and sisters in Palestine.

May this small effort be the witness for the love we have among us Muslims. We are concerned with some of the symbols used in our clothing (without noticing it’s a Jewish Symbol and product) and would like to caution everyone on this matter. The food we eat is also important. Anything Syubhah or haram will only make the process of hafazan become difficult. Let us be united in this campaign against the Jewish Products.

Maahad Location

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Many have asked about our location. We have given the address and we are glad to provide a map to our location for those who are interested and wished to visit us. However, we appreciate if an appointment is made in advance by calling Mudir or the Chairman. This is to avoid any interference while the programs are being held. Furthermore, our amenities are not fully equipped yet and we prefer if you could come and visit us on the weekends.

We provide a map through Wikimapia as requested by a friend.

This is the aerial view of our location. The yellow area indicates the whole structure ( the rented building, vacant house on the left for sale and vacant land ( on the right) also for sale. Housing area and Kg manjoi can also be seen here.

Clearer view ( yellow area) of our proposed Maahad in future insyaALLAH.

More on google search of this area in Terrain. You may print this map if you wish to visit us. If you are coming from Ipoh, you may start from TMN Dr Seenivasagam on the right hand side of this map. This map may not be a complete one, so we suggest you browse it from the google map. If you choose to use your GPS, set your GPS as 4°36'45"N 101°4'19"E .

You may also surf directly the source at Wikimapia, the url is here, just click.

Development Fund

In my previous post, I mentioned of the launching of our Development fund for this Maahad tahfiz.

1. The purchase of the house next to the current Maahad ( bidding at RM 250K)

2. The purchase of the vacant land ( RM 150 – negotiable)

3. The purchase of our currently rented premise – Rent (RM 750 monthly- quite expensive for Manjoi area)

All three Phases are quite costly and need attention especially no 1. As this house has already been advertised, there is a possibility that we might not get or miss the chance of buying and owning it. This is our future plan for the student’s activities and other programs.

Frontal view of the Maahad from across the road. The left house is the proposed house that we would like to purchase. The Sale sign is on. This house is our development program in this point of time. God willing.

Next house ( the one that is on sale), separated by a cement border.

Mudir Maahad is contemplating and thinking of the most effective and innovative strategy to be applied here in this school. The front yard of the house will be a “wakaf pondok” to provide a different environment ( an open air concept) for students. Behind the concrete wall is the empty land and it is our intention to build a musalla, teacher’s barrack or perhaps stalls or grocery store under the Maahad school. God willing

Perhaps this the point of view of Mudir ! A project is under construction…renovation of the kitchen, extension, dining hall and bathroom.

View AT the back of this rented house. Behind the worker is the bathroom with two complete shower hoses. The dining hall is the one with the window frame. Students will be eating on the floor and following the sunnah way ( jamaah). Under the same roof, a kitchen is under renovation.

This is the inside view of the house, the dining area for our Hafiz children. The grilled area is the kitchen and still under construction. The kitchen is lower than the dining area.

This is the kitchen area that is still under construction. You can see the leaking tap. The sink is not done yet. We still need a lot of money for the completion.

This is the newly built bathroom – situated near the living area. We have plastered the wall and the finishing touches and final details are on its way. Seen there is one of our students ABG AShabul Yamin from Sarawak, helping ( bathing) a 4 year old Muhamad Aslam ( not in the picture). ASlam is now able to memorize “ayat lazim” including surah Yassin.

Two students accompanied me to view the renovation scene. It has always been the practice and the sunnah to respect and entertain the visitors, so here I am, taking them around. You can see some of the woods/planks needed for this construction. Some were bought and some were given as charity ( though old- we will make full use of them)

This is the view from the back. I couldn’t get a better picture due to the scattered wooden planks. This house looks lower from the back view. Looks like it is a 2 ½ story house.

Aerial view of the empty land from the concrete gate. I have to stand on tiptoe to snap this photo and that’s what you get.

Picture taken from the right hand side including the land mentioned before. Hopefully this effort is blessed and rewarded by ALLAH accordingly and to Him shall we return !

The Opening Ceremony And The Launching Of Development Fund

On the 4th of Muharam 1430 ( 1 january 2009), Maahad Tahfiz Al-Qur'an and Hadith Al-Ansori was officially opened by the representative of the Chief Minister of Perak, Mr Mohamed K.Y.Tiang Abdullah. The development fund was also launched .

It started with the recitation of Surah Yassin, Tahlil and prayers headed by Ust Ibrahim - one of the parents of our current student. A small tea party followed after that. The ceremony continued with a recitation from a selected surah by Muhammad Zikri ( 6 years old), Ghazali Ibrahim ( 8 years old) and our Hafizah Nuramirah Azhari 13 years old. At the age of 6, Zikri is able to memorise 2 chapters of the Al Qur'an and Ibrahim Ghazali at 8 years old, 17 Chapters.

It then followed with a speech by the Chairman of the Maahad, AlFadil Ust Ahmad Muzammil bin Muhammad Shapawi.

In his speech, he thanked ALLAH for His mercy and Will that the opening went well. He encouraged the parents and students to fully embrace the AL Quran in our daily lives. He also mentioned that the obstacles running and building this school was a great challenge and urged everyone to ask ALLAH for the strengths.

The development plan for the Maahad was also mentioned. The purchase of the premise was the utmost importance so that the rest of the development can be carried out in the near future.

The speech by the representative of the chief minister was something that we would like to hear- the support from the state government in any Islamic activities! It was good news indeed for us.

The majlis ended with an award ceremony. Certificates were given to 55 students ( including those who have moved to other places) and students who attended the school holiday program. We thank everyone who participated and May ALLAH bless us all- Amin.